Sharing a Hot Tip on the Ice Hotel

Ice_barIn case you’ve never heard of it and are saying to yourself “What the ….” an ice hotel is a temporary hotel made up of snow and sculpted blocks of ice. These uncommon quest houses are for adventurous travelers who are hot on the trail of the unusual, and who are comfortable with the outdoors.

Guests at Ice Hotels actually sleep in beds made of snow or ice that are covered with blankets, sleeping bags and other items designed to warm occupants while withstanding extremely cold temperatures. Temperature in the rooms is below zero and staying at an ice hotel is expensive as prices for a night range from around $300 to $3000.

The hotel lobbies are often decorated with ice sculptures and guests may be surprised to learn that food and drink holders, like most of the furniture, are appropriate for the environment. For instance, glasses, and even benches for people to sit on in an ice bar can be made of ice. The walls, fixtures, and fittings are made of ice or compacted snow, and are held together using a substance known as snice:  a portmanteau of snow and ice; although sometimes there is some steel framing used during construction.

Because ice hotels are dependent upon sub-freezing temperatures during construction and operation, this makes the hotel’s season short.  When the season turns warm, the hotel melts and has to be reconstructed every year.

Hotel de Glace, the only ice hotel in North America, is located 10 minutes from downtown Quebec, and Angelic Luxury Coach can take you there. The Hotel de Glace hotel opens every year during the first week in January and stays open until the last week in March. So, it is not too early to schedule your bus trip there via Angelic Luxury Coach. Make your reservations now. In addition to Canada, ice hotels can be found in Sweden, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Romania and some other places with sub-freezing temperatures.

Click on the video below and take a cool and fascinating tour with Reb Stevenson inside an Ice Hotel. Be sure to watch the video to the end.